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Why are Promo items effective?

Studies show that it takes an average of 3 months to gain a new client for most industries. They have also shown that you must repeat yourself 7 times to one person before it really sinks into their mind to hire you for their services. We prefer to skip the 3 months and only say this 1 time so keep reading…..

Promotional items have been around for centuries. Ink pens tend to be the most popular product. We know you have at least 10 pens from your bank in your car right now. It is a useful tool that every single person needs in their car, home, office, and purse. Every time you use a pen...what do you do? You read the name printed on the pen. BOOM. That is 1 time that you have been exposed to the brand. That brand has now made a mark on your mind without you consciously knowing what happened.

This is why promo items are so effective in any industry. They are an affordable way to give around the holidays or hand out at after hour events. Your items will get in the hands of the right people so you can continue to make your sales goals. Let Hyped Promo take your promo item game to the next level. We have some pretty cool gear and merch that will blow your mind.

Reach out for a free quote today and to talk to one of our team members.

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