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Since 2017 HYPED has worked with some really wonderful people. What we are most proud of though are the problems we have been able to solve. Someone may want a t-shirt or small item to hand out. And we really want to make sure that even the simplest of promos hit with importance and emotion because we believe there are no small promos.

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Dustin Latchford


Heyo! I'm Hyped's fearless leader and slowly attempting to become "The Smoothie King". We've got a great team, I know you will be in good hands. 

Danielle Latchford

Chief Cheerleader

Hi, I am the team's positive influence! Fun fact - I don't think a hotdog is a sandwich because the bread is custom and you eat it meat side up.

Brittny Igersoll


Good Day! I absolutely love learning and am always looking for fun new ideas to present to you and your teams! 


Forest Joseph

Content Director

What's up! My background is in Graphics and Graphics Management but  Content and Design tends to be where I do great work and truly enjoy it.

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